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Card Blocking System – how to block a bank card?

If you’ve ever lost or stolen your payment card, then you definitely know how stressful this is. In panic and terror, it is difficult to gather thoughts and act rationally. The more that you have all the savings that you managed to accumulate on your personal account. Therefore, immediately reserve your card so that no unauthorized person gets into your money.

How to block a card? All available methods

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You can reserve the card in several ways.

  1. Contact your bank’s hotline.
    The most frequently chosen option is to contact the helpline of the bank in which you have a bank account. All necessary information, tips and numbers can be found in the series How to close a bank account .
  2. Personal visit to a bank branch.
    Going to a bank branch should be a last resort, as the card’s loss should be immediately reported for cancellation. Do it right away when you realize that you have lost your card. Every minute matters – when your plastic is in the hands of a thief, you can lose all your savings.
  3. Use of the Card Blocking System.
    If you do not know the phone number of your bank and you cannot check it online, use the special hotline of the Card Blocking System. This number works from anywhere in the world, so it’s worth saving it on your phone so that you always have it with you.

Card Blocking System – what is it?

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The Card Blocking System is a modern solution that allows you to quickly block a payment card without having to call the helpline of a specific bank. The system works thanks to an automated IVR hotline that recognizes speech.

The system was created thanks to the involvement of the National Bank of Poland and its operator is the Polish Bank Association , thanks to which you will find many banks operating on the Polish market on the list of participants. You can use this system if you are a customer of one of these institutions:

Using the service is free, although you have to bear the costs associated with a telecommunications connection. Calls are billed according to your operator’s table.

Warning! In each bank you can also reserve a card accidentally found on the street, in a store or in public transport. To do this, call the helpline or use the Card Blocking System, provide your name, data on the card, and sometimes additional data to help determine your identity.

Why should you block the card as soon as possible?

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Calling the helpline of the bank or the Card Blocking System is the first thing you should do after realizing that you have lost your payment card. Art. 46 of the Act on electronic payment instruments informs about the obligations of banks in the event of unauthorized payment transactions.

Before blocking the card, the bank must return any funds that have disappeared from your account from EUR 150. So, if a thief used your card to shop for USD 800, the bank will give you a surplus of over EUR 150 (approx. USD 600), i.e. approx. USD 200.
In the case of transactions made with a contactless card, the bank takes responsibility only for amounts higher than 50 euros . After blocking the card, the bank is responsible for any unauthorized transactions made with your card.

I will repeat myself – it is worth blocking your card as soon as possible. You will receive new plastic in the next few days, so you won’t have to wait indefinitely. The Card Blocking System is one number which will allow you to contact banks operating on the Polish market. Save it to your phone and have it always with you!

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